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Affordable Divorce Attorney

If there is ever a situation where you find yourself in some kind of legal battle, it is always recommended that you hire a professional to help you with the…

Child Support Calculation

Child Support is a very important payment that often results from a divorce between two individuals. Both spouses are required to be financially responsible for their child after the separation…

Florida Divorce Laws

In order for a court to make an accurate and fair decision with regard to the divorce of two individuals, financial information is one of the most important pieces of…

Different States, Different Divorce Laws

It should be common knowledge to most people that not every state has the same divorce laws, and it is important that individuals look up the guidelines for the state…

Collaborative Law, Divorce Lawyer and Mediator Serving the Tampa Bay Area

Tampa Divorce Attorney and Divorce Mediator The Melendez Law Office has been servicing families that are in need of legal assistance, counsel, and direction with their family disputes and family legal…

Unhappy Marriage? Seven Options To Consider Before Divorce

So your not happy? Marriage isn’t what you thought is was going to be! Your spouse isn’t who you thought they were! You didn’t think you would be around this…

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