Due to the recent global COVID-19 / CORONAVIRUS pandemic, many families are being affected in various ways. For those who are co-parenting during this crisis, have had a divorce, are going through a divorce, who live separately from your child’s other parent or who are either paying support or receiving support, this crisis has had immediate effects and has raised immediate concerns. If you fall within one of the above categories, it is strongly advised that you immediately seek legal counsel to assist you with the issues that this pandemic has and will create.

On a daily basis, we continue to receive updates from news sources around the world, as well as from our local governments and court systems both from the State court system and the Federal court systems. Although many businesses are closing on a temporary basis, certain businesses and providers must continue to operate, including legal professionals and their practices.The area of Family Law is no different as we must continue to be available for people in need of family law services. Families need Legal assistance and lawyers that specialize in family law who are able to assist them during these trying times.

We are operating online, virtually and electronically. We have the ability to offer convent online or virtual mediation via Zoom video conferencing for our clients. We have been able to offer online collaborative law and collaborative divorce consultation continuously without any changes to the quality of our practice. In addition, we offer just about every service virtually that we previously have offered including Mediation, Collaborative Law, Domestic Violence Injunctions, Post Nuptial Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, as well as everything else court related that we previously offered at the Melendez Law Office.

In many ways the process has become easier with transitioning online as there is no need to drive anywhere, or to meet anyone in person. Almost everything is now being offered from the comfort of your home. Please let us know how we may be of assistance to you and your family.

Specializing in Family Law

Mr. Melendez enjoys the practice of Family and Domestic Relations Law. This area of law includes such issues and sub areas including Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), Marital Settlement Agreements, Paternity, Parenting Plan and Time Sharing (custody,)  Supplemental Petitions, Modifications, Child Support, Spousal Support (Alimony,) Relocation, Equitable Distribution, Termination of Parental Rights, Step Parent Adoption, Grandparent Adoption, Relative Adoption, Domestic Violence Injunctions, Dating Violence and Repeat Violence (No Contact Orders.) Our office utilizes the Collaborative Law approach to family law with an emphasis on peace making and promoting no conflict results.

Mr. Melendez has been advocating for parties going through divorce since he first made his transition from the Office of the Public Defender into the practice of civil litigation. When parties are faced with difficult circumstances Mr. Melendez is equipped to advocate for the client through litigation.

Child support many times is an integral component of the Family Law process that you may be facing or going through. Some of the factors used to calculate child support are the number of children, the number of over nights, as well as the respective incomes of each parent.

Paternity is an important subsection of Family Law. Typically when a child is born to parents who have never been married to each other, specific issues arise such as child support, parenting plans and the need to gain parental rights when one parent has been withholding the child.

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We Advocate with Peace and it works!

The Melendez Law Office is based upon the principles, dedication and compassion
of attorney George A. Melendez, Esq.

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The Melendez Law Office

We believe  the legal profession is one  built upon the principle of service and that the law should be used to help others and not to harm others. Service to others together with an understanding of our rights under the law are the foundations upon which his law office is built.

Whether the area of law is Family Law, Criminal Defense or Juvenile and Dependency Law, those whose needs require representation under these areas will be faced with many of the same afflictions that the philosophies of Mr. Melendez will be tested and put to use. Mr. Melendez believes that the ability to counsel with compassion and understanding while providing the client with a sense of self worth and dignity are essential. Furthermore, he practices with a focus on resolution and an objective to put the client in a better position while considering all of the facts and circumstances. This focus emphasizes growth and renewal rather than destruction or the tendency to fall to he level of those who are trying to pull the client down and oppress.

Areas of Practice

Through mediation, parties have the best opportunity to come up with options that are most catered to their individual needs. This process can be distinguished from just going to court and having a judge decide their fate.

Collaborative Divorce is also a world wide trend that is getting increased attention by both the local Bars and the judiciary. In the collaborative method the parties engage in a team approach to find a solution to their differences.

Mr. Melendez has completed all necessary training to serve as a qualified Parenting Coordinator. Parenting Coordination is a method utilized when parties are unable to cooperate on child parenting and scheduling issues.

Mr. Melendez began his interest in the law with an advocacy for children in the court room who were the victims of abuse and neglect by their parents or legal guardians. The Goal of this role is to assist the Court in making the best decision to serve the best interest of the children.

This area includes the two sub areas of Dependency Court and Juvenile Delinquency Court. Dependency Court involves allegations of abuse and neglect of minor children and defense of their parents or legal guardians.

All Misdemeanors and Felony charges, Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking Offenses, Bail reductions, RICO, Victim Advocacy, Warrants, PreTrial Intervention Programs, Pre filing Investigations, New Charges, Violations of Probation, bench trials, jury trials, plea bargains and negotiations.

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Testimonials & Reviews

  • I’ve known George Melendez for many years. He is a dedicated professional whose experience allows him to represent his clients for the best possible outcome. Our family appreciates and has benefitted from his expertise.

    Christine Ruiz
  • George Melendez is a dedicated, compassionate attorney who truly cares about those he serves. George is bright, articulate and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a need for legal expertise.

    Linda Peterman
  • George is a true professional and a genuinely good person. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable. He has considerable expertise in the areas of mediation, parenting coordination and collaborative law. I highly recommend him to anyone who may need his services!

    Rachel Moskowitz
  • George has helped me and my family on numerous occasions with all our legal needs. From contract write-up & review, to background checks, to traffic court. He done all this in an extremely professional and courteous manner and has always gotten right back to me when he was not immediately available. If you need a great lawyer George Melendez can certainly fill that role for you.

    Russell Stone
  • Mr. Melendez has personally helped us with our family needs as well as our business needs. He has exceed all expectations without stopping until he was able to deliver the result we were looking for. We were confident in his services due to his past experiences in public service and working with children and families. I highly recommend Mr. Melendez for any of your legal needs.

    Jorge Melendez
  • George has helped us with various legal needs and we’ve never been disappointed. Everything from contracts issues, Landlord/Tenant, to our family members’ Family Law issues, he is always on his “A game”. He strikes a wonderful balance between professionalism and compassion while having the drive to fulfill the needs of his clients. He is well- versed in an innovative divorce method called Collaborative Family Law, which may be a more cost- effective and overall efficient measure to execute divorce proceedings vs the otherwise conventional, contentious and costly means. As a current stay-at-home but former lawyer, I have a pool of legal resources at hand. I always look to George Melendez to represent my legal needs with the necessary skill, professionalism and compassion it requires. I, with full confidence, recommend George Melendez to handle most any legal representation you need!

    C C
  • George is a great lawyer and a great person. He consistently demonstrates integrity and keeps his client’s best interests first. He takes his professional responsibilities seriously and provides excellent client service.

    Jolyon Acosta
  • I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and have known George since relocating my practice to Tampa. I have consulted with him on cases and referred some of my clients to him. The feedback from my referrals is always positive and George has been a great help when consultation is appropriate.

    Karol Mcginn
  • I went through a very dark and tragic time and George was there every step of the way. George is the above and beyond the best attorney.He demonstrates respect, integrity, wisdom, compassion and empathy to his clients. George provided me with exceptional legal advice as well as encouraged me to keep pressing forward. I highly recommend and will continue to recommend George Melendez to everyone I know! Thank you George!

    Tara Davis

Service Areas of The Melendez Law Office

These are just some of our main areas of focus, but we are not limited to just these areas.

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