Juvenile Law

Juvenile Law

The Juvenile Law area includes the two sub areas of Dependency Court and Juvenile Delinquency Court. Mr. Melendez works with the Delinquency aspect of Juvenile Law.

Delinquency Court

Delinquency Court involves criminal charges against minor children and the defense of such children.

Every state has specific courts devoted to handling criminal cases involving minors. A juvenile case is usually initiated by a probation officer or prosecutor who files a petition charging a minor with violating a criminal statute. The petition asks the Juvenile Court to find the juvenile delinquent. If the case is proven, the court enters a delinquency adjudication (similar to an adult conviction). The court may order a disposition (sentence) with the purpose of rehabilitating the juvenile.

In many cases, the juvenile court retains legal custody of the minor for a period of time—until the juvenile becomes a legal adult, or perhaps even longer. To be eligible for juvenile court, in most states the youth must be 17 or younger.

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