Florida Divorce Laws

In order for a court to make an accurate and fair decision with regard to the divorce of two individuals, financial information is one of the most important pieces of information. This is why when it comes to Florida’s Divorce Laws, residents who are filing for a divorce must turn over a signed financial affidavit within forty-five days. This affidavit discloses many pieces of information about your personal finances as well as that of your spouse. Here are some of the more important pieces of information that must be included in a financial affidavit when someone chooses to file for a divorce.

Current Financial Status

When filing for a divorce under Florida’s divorce laws, residents should know that they need to supply documents and information with regard to the current financial status of the individual. This includes documents that pertain to the income of someone, as well as all the assets that are of significant value. This type of information is often taken from tax returns that are also required to be submitted. Another important piece of financial information that needs to be disclosed by an individual that is filing for divorce is any and all forms of debt that might have been accumulated.

Various types of Statements

Apart from knowing your income and any debts a person may have, other pieces of financial information that are important when filing for a divorce in the state of Florida are different forms of financial information. When it comes to Florida’s Divorce Laws, residents need to provide financial statements that come from credit card companies and banks. Personal Financial statements are also an important part of the divorce process, and understanding the financial position and habits of someone goes a long way when trying to determine what would be considered fair when dividing up the money or assets between two individuals.

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