Collaborative Divorce and Parenting Coordination in Carrollwood

The Melendez Law Office is a full service Family Law Office located in Carrollwood, Tampa Florida. Our office provides many family law services including divorce, paternity, post judgment and modification matters, mediation, collaborative law, guardian ad litem services and parenting coordination.

Family Law

Family law is a difficult area that can be handled in a variety of styles. The Melendez Law Office takes a firm position that family matters must be handled with special care for one very important reason. Children! For this reason, George Melendez, Esq., the managing attorney, takes pride in offering a majority of the variety of options that are available today for individuals experiencing a Tampa divorce or other experiencing  a family law case in Carrollwood, Hillsborough county, Pasco County or Pinellas county.

Collaborative Law

Could you imagine a manner of resolving family law matters that does not involve fighting or court? There are no real limits to what matters can be handled without court. Whether it is divorce, contempt, modification, domestic violence, paternity or annulment, it is possible to handle these subjects without fighting and without going to court.

Collaborative Law is a process. It has been codified by the recent Collaborative Statute that was signed by the Governor in March 2016. The foundation of the Collaborative Process is the concept that people can be empowered to resolve disputes without resorting to court. As a way of accomplishing this the parties must enter into a participation agreement whereby they promise not to go to court.

The Collaborative process is so successful due to the fact that it incorporates other professionals into the process. Sometimes the professionals participate in the entire process and other times they are called in to provide a specific service as needed. The benefit of this al- a -cart type of team is to choose professionals who are most suited to address each situation.

What is also nice about the collaborative process is the ability to use what is necessary. If your case requires a streamlined approach, then there is a collaborative process waiting for you. If your case involves lots of complex attention to detail, then your collaborative process will ensure the best set of professionals to complete your matter.

The confidential component of the process is also another defining component. By choosing the collaborative process you ensure that you have the most current method of providing for a confidential settlement.

In addition to the benefits of a non court approach, confidentiality and of a case by case type of process,  the collaborative approach utilizes the benefits of neutral professionals. No other process can provide for a team of neutral professionals who are hired to provide the most neutral settlement options available. Through this process, you are ensured to receive the best and the fairest options to consider with your spouse.

The Melendez Law Office is set up to offer Collaborative Divorce for Tampa divorce or for cases in carrollwood, Hillsborough county. Pasco county or Pinellas County.


Mr. Melendez is a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. There are times that he serves as a mediator when parties have already chosen attorney’s or when parties choose to resolve their disputes without attorneys. When people wish to mediate without the hiring of attorney’s they are choosing what is called pro-se mediation.

Pro-se mediation is a wonderful process that utilizes the benefits of one attorney who is knowledgeable in family law to help settle family law disputes for the parties. The mediator in these cases remains neutral and refrains from aligning with either side.

Once the parties settle their disputes, the mediator assists the parties to formulate and draft their agreements. Parties seeking to utilize mediation can resolve any dispute whether it is a paternity dispute or a divorce dispute or any other family law type dispute including enforcement. Mr. Melendez offers mediation for any Tampa Divorce as well as for people seeking to resolve their case in Hillsborough county, Pinellas county or Pasco county.

Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem or GAL is a court appointed individual that assists the Court in understanding what the best interest of the children are. A GAL can be use in both dependency cases where parents are accused of abuse or neglect or in family law matters like paternity or divorce.  It is important to understand that the Guardian Ad Litem is not on the side of either the parents but seeks to represent the best interest of the children. Mr. Melendez frequently serves in the capacity of a Guardian Ad Litem in both areas of law whether in family law or in dependency.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is another court appointed process whereby the parties work to resolve their disputes out of court. The Court Appointed Parenting Coordinator serves to educate parties so that they may understand what is necessary to resolve their disputes in a nicer manner. Through a series of meetings the parenting coordinator works with parties to help them through a process of self realization to discover the answer to their disputes. When the parties are unable to realize the way to resolve their issues, the parenting coordinator can be a decision maker. People use parenting coordination to resolve their entire case sometimes prior to anything being filed with the courts. This can be accomplished either while parties are in the middle of their disputes or after a judgment when they realize things still are not working. Mr. Melendez is a qualified parenting coordinator and frequently is appointed by the courts to serve in this capacity.




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