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Tampa Divorce Attorney and Tampa Divorce Mediator

The Melendez Law Office has been servicing  families that are in need of legal assistance, counsel and direction with their family disputes and family legal matters. George A. Melendez, Esq, is the managing attorney of the Melendez Law Office. Though there are many law offices down town, Mr. Melendez felt it was important to bring his practice to the Carrollwood areas as a better means to assist Tampa families close to the neighborhoods that they live in. By being closer to families, Mr. Melendez is more accessible to individuals seeking a divorce in Tampa and in the Carrollwood area. Not only is the Melendez Law Office closer and more accessible, Mr. Melendez is close to many Hillsborough county and Pasco county schools in the Tampa, Carrollwood and Pasco communities. Due to the proximity to many Tampa, Hillsborough and Pasco schools, Mr. Melendez is better able to access the schools should the need arise.

Tampa Divorce and Family Law Services

The Melendez Law Office provides various services to individuals seeking a Tampa Divorce, Pasco County Divorce or to individuals seeking other family Law assistance in Hillsborough or Pasco County. Mr. Melendez is a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and offers Tampa mediation services for individuals residing in the city of Tampa, Hillsborough County and Pasco County. The Melendez Law Office has a sitting or discussion room as well as a separate mediation conference room for additional privacy.

In addition to being a mediator, Mr. Melendez is also a Parenting Coordinator and offers the service of Court Appointed Parenting Coordination to individuals who have cases in Hillsborough county, Pasco county and Pinellas County.

Mr. Melendez Also serves as a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem in both family law cases as well as in dependency cases. Mr. Melendez is frequently appointed by the Courts in Hillsborough county, Pasco County as well as in Pinellas county.

Collaborative Law is a frequently asked about approach to Tampa  and Pasco divorces. Though not usually thought of as being an exciting topic, the subject of divorce in the Tampa and Hillsborough county area has attracted a lot of attention in the context of Collaborative Divorce. Finally, people have begun to understand the destructive nature of litigation. Through the Collaborative process, divorce in Tampa, Hillsborough and Pasco county has become more civilized with far better results. The Melendez Law Office is full equipped to handle any Collaborative Divorce with full accommodations to welcome any number of professionals to your collaborative team.

Access to your Tampa Divorce Lawyer

The Melendez Law Office is located two miles from Dale Mabry Highway just off of Ehrlich Rd. on Hutchison Rd. in the greater Carrollwood area. The office is less than one mile from the Veterans Expressway at the Hutchison Exit or approximately two miles from the Veterans Expressway at the Ehrlich Rd. Exit. The Veterans Expressway access is convenient for those coming from New Port Richey and Dade City as well as those coming from Pinellas County. For those coming from new Tampa or Temple Terrace, they may choose to travel to the Melendez Law Office via Ehrlich Rd. For those coming from the city of Tampa and from South Tampa, Dalemabry often tends to be the most direct route but the Veterans Expressway also can be convenient.

Peaceful Divorce

Mr. Melendez prides himself on making great attempts to assist couples to resolve their family law disputes and divorces outside of court. He has become certified in mediation and qualified in parenting coordination as a means to provide people with alternate options other than  the “I’ll see you in court” option. This is also a primary reason for bringing the office into the Carrollwood neighborhood. He is actively making plans to move the practice to a small house located on a peaceful and serene lake to better offer individuals the best setting to allow them to sort out and resolve their problems. The Tampa divorce culture is not as bad as some area have become however it can improve and Mr. Melendez is actively trying to make it better.

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