Carrollwood; A New Location

The Melendez Law Office is officially in Carrollwood. Whether you are wondering whether you should get a divorce or you need guidance as to your option once you have decided to get divorced, the Melendez Law Office is available in the Carrollwood area to assist you.

Carrollwood Divorce Options

If you are unsure as to whether you wish to pursue a divorce or not, George Melendez can assist you. The first thing to consider is whether your marriage is worth saving. In many cases the answer to this question is an overwhelming “yes”, especially when children are involved. Likewise, there are many individuals who come to the conclusion that marriage is no longer an option for them. similarly, there are many couples who don’t know how to approach the topic of divorce and are simply stuck in the process of deciding or discernment.

For these special couples who need professional help deciding whether to proceed to divorce or not, the Melendez Law Office is equipped to refer them to a discernment specialist so that they can comfortably navigate the process of making that decision of yes or no to divorce.

Carrollwood Divorce Mediation

If you fit under the category of individuals who already decided to proceed to divorce, the Melendez Law Office offers divorce mediation in carrollwood. Divorce mediation can be accomplished with each party having their own attorney, with only one party having an attorney or with neither party having attorney’s. The option where there is no attorney is called pro-se divorce mediation and it is a great cost effective way to get a divorce. The Melendez Law Office also offers Co-mediation in Carrollwood. Co-mediation is a process typically where neither parties are represented by attorney’s but there are two mediators to assist the couple. Mr. Melendez has partnered with Rachel Moskowitz and Linda Peterman to offer co-mediation in carrollwood. The purpose of co-mediatoin is to offer a cost effective and streamlined divorce mediation experience with the uniques skills set of two professions most equipped to assist couples with the divorce mediation process.

Carrollwood Collaborative Divorce

George Melendez, Esq. also recommends collaborative divorce for those who are interested in staying out of court. Collaborative divorce is a style of divorce where the parties agree by contract not to go to court during the divorce process. In collaborative divorce, the parties use the assistance of their lawyers as well as neutral professionals which usually include a neutral facilitator or counselor and a neutral financial professional. The purpose of using the full team of professionals during a collaborative divorce is to bring neutral perspectives from professionals who are best suited to understand and analyze the specific issues at hand to provide advice and options to the parties to help them settle their differences in the most peaceful manner possible.

Carrollwood Parenting Coordination

George Melendez, Esq. also offers parenting coordination to couples. Parenting Coordination is a process where Mr. Melendez is appointed by the court to assist parties in the resolution of their disputes when children are involved. Many times when parents have difficulty coordinating the day to day activities and schedules of their children, a parenting coordinator can assist the parties by educating them and showing them how to avoid conflict. Mr. Melendez, while serving as a parenting coordinator also has the ability to make decisions for parties in a limited capacity to the parties can avoid the expense and hardship of going to court. Whether parties need assistance in the development of a parenting plan, the modification of a parenting plan or they need quick decisions to be made, the Melendez Law Office can help by offering parenting coordination in carrollwood.



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