unhappy marriage

Unhappy Marriage? 7 Options to Consider Before Divorce

So your not happy? Marriage isn’t what you thought is was going to be! Your spouse isn’t who you thought they were! You didn’t think you would be around this long! You are the one who changed! Has depression set in…mental health become an issue?…

Getting Divorced

Getting Divorced: 7 Things You Need to Know

Have You Considered Reconciliation? Many people experiencing difficulty in the marriage jump to the conclusion that divorce is the answer. As a divorce attorney I am here to tell you that getting divorced isn’t always the best answer. For the vast majority of people, divorce means…

modification of child support

How Do I Get a Modification of Child Support

Pick Up the Phone What is wrong with picking up the phone? Asking the other party to help should always be the first option if you are seeking a modification of child support. The best way to reserve this option is to put it in…

online mediation

Is Online Mediation Really a Thing?

It Sure Is On line mediation is certainly a thing. This together with several other options have developed as an answer to the needs of couples. It is amazing what rough times do for people.  Could we actually be thankful for the decline of the real…

marriage seperation

Could Marriage Separation Help You to Avoid Divorce?

Should You Attempt to Reconcile? Before we begin this discussion it is a good idea to ask yourself if it is a good idea to attempt to reconcile? I usually begin with an inventory as follows: 1) are there children, 2) is there domestic violence?…

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