The Melendez Law Office is based upon the principles, dedication and compassion of attorney George A. Melendez, Esq.

PHOTO Melendez-5433We believe  the legal profession is one  built upon the principle of service and that the law should be used to help others and not to harm others. Service to others together with an understanding of our rights under the law are the foundations upon which his law office is built.

Whether the area of law is Family Law, Criminal Defense or Juvenile and Dependency Law, those whose needs require representation under these areas will be faced with many of the same afflictions that the philosophies of Mr. Melendez will be tested and put to use. Mr. Melendez believes that the ability to counsel with compassion and understanding while providing the client with a sense of self worth and dignity are essential. Furthermore, he practices with a focus on resolution and an objective to put the client in a better position while considering all of the facts and circumstances. This focus emphasizes growth and renewal rather than destruction or the tendency to fall to he level of those who are trying to pull the client down and oppress.

We are located at 3802 Ehrlich Rd., Suite 101, Tampa Fl 33624
813 280-0181 office, and we conveniently serve those who live in the city of Tampa, and the greater Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough County Pinellas County and Pasco County.


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